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Re: #MeetTheMods

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Re: #MeetTheMods

Hi Julie, 


I apologise that I have to send this to you because I have been unable to speak with someone directly on the telephone, text message service was most unhelpful and even the facebook page was atrocious at getting back to me. 


The chat online won’t work and I cannot find an avenue which I can take in order to make a complaint. I have exhausted all routes and unfortunately, it has led me to yourself. 


I have called 1913, 1744, 1747 and 1850 60 17 41. Each automated service either cut me off or redirected me to another number. The live chat would not work either and I have been unable to locate a suitable medium to lodge a complaint.  I purchased a credit voucher 3 days ago, I received messages to try again, which I did, numerous times. I then attempted to return it in store, they told me to come back the following day. I then returned the following day as instructed and the manager advised me to call Three directly. 


I eventually, through some miracle, managed to get a response through Three text messaging service after advising them of my problem. They were most unhelpful and told me to wait a further 24 hours because the voucher number had been locked. I insisted that I be dealt with in a more assertive manner but of course was only dismissed, by a supervisor no less. I was ignored and dismissed. It appears that I was a problem that was not worth addressing apparently. I cannot fathom how this is acceptable in any case.


I then, in desperation, resorted to posting on Three's facebook page publicly to voice my outrage and disappointment. I received one response and have not been contacted since, my messages have been read and yes, yet again ignored. 


I for a third time returned to the store to return my voucher and they finally agreed, I exchanged it for a new voucher thinking that finally I had reached the end of this pointless and tiresome ordeal. But the new voucher I purchased gave me the same error message.


At this point I am extremely annoyed and disgusted with this. Three, by far has been the worst for customer service that I have ever encountered. The fact that it is not even an extreme issue, it could have been efficiently addressed and resolved in one phone call however it turned into a tedious affair.


This is most definitely not the first time I have been let down by Three and O2 in the past. Nothing has improved. The staff I have dealt have been unhelpful and dismissive and appear to know nothing about their products or resolutions to issues or indeed addressing a complaint or a dissatisfied customer.  


This farce is beyond comprehension, and I would formally like to lodge a complaint against Three for its lack of guidance and even contact. I wish to receive a formal apology and have my issues addressed.


Why were Three unable to accommodate me? Why were my vouchers rejected? Why were the staff so reluctant to resolve my problem? Why are staff ignorant in addressing anything I have raised?


I can advise you, I will no longer be a Three customer. I will return to Vodafone, as I never had an issue with them. I will not recommend your Network and would go as far as to discourage anyone to joining your network.  I have yet to come across an individual who knows what they are doing.


I hope that I do not have to revert again because I  can assure you, I will press this matter until I receive an appropriate response.





Re: #MeetTheMods

Hi @Anonymous can you send me a PM with your number, name, address and DOB? I'll check this out for you Smiley Happy Could you also include your voucher number and serial number?