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5g on the Realme x50 5g


5g on the Realme x50 5g

 I was wondering if there was an update on when the realme x50 5g will be getting 5g on the three network?

3 Community Admin

@Dylan_Oxley Hi there 👋 I've checked for you and as Realme don't ship directly to Ireland the best thing to do is to contact your point of purchase for info on 5G availability 👌


Ive been checking online and this phone apparantly needs an update from the network provider OTA to enable the 5g. Simliar to other models like one plus apparantly. Technically the 5g on this phone is compatible with Irish network but not without this update (i think),. is it likely to be added to three? 

3 Community Admin

@kb1 Hello, hope you're well 👋 I've linked in with our Devices team again on this one and have been advised the best thing here is to reach out to Realme or your point of purchase, this isn't something that Three have control over 👍


Hi @Three_Laur , I'm just wondering if you've heard anything? I've tried to get into contact with Realme without any luck

@Dylan_Oxley Hi there, hope you'd a nice bank holiday, let me check with the Devices team to see if there have been any changes to the X50, I'll be back ASAP 👌




@Dylan_Oxley Our Devices team are linking in with Realme and I'll let you know as soon as there's any news. This could take a few days, I'll keep you in the loop 👌


@Dylan_Oxley Hi there. Just popping in to let you know our team are continuing to link in with Realme and as soon as we've solid news I'll be posting here. In the meantime, will you pop me a PM with your IMEI, phone number, full name, address and date of birth so I can check something 



Perfect I'll send you a PM now