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Cant receive any text messages from the banks and government


Cant receive any text messages from the banks and government


I am abroad right now the text messages were working fine a week back but now I cant receive any text messages from the bank and government websites. Please look into this matter.

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@Kanak Hello there 👋 Let's take a look at this for you. I'm guessing all other text messages are sending and receiving ok? What country are you in and which network are you connected to? The more info I have the better 👌


@Three_Laur Hey! Thanks for the reply. I tried texting to another number its working but I still cannot receive any bank, government, and Three OTP and text messages. And there is another problem that now I cant make any calls but I can recieve calls. Whenever I try to call a contact it says "your outgoing calls services are temporarily barred", I checked in the phone settings too to turn off the toggle in the call barring option for All outgoing calls but it doesnt turn off. Currently I'm in India and the network is Airtel. I'm using Samsung Galaxy A80. 

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@Kanak Hhhhmmm let's take a look at your account, pop me a PM with your phone number along with your full name, address and date of birth to get the ball rolling 👌



You probably won't get any shortcode texts as they only work when your in ireland

@billbond4 But they were working before this happened and i still cant make calls cause it says "your otgoing services are temporarily disabled".

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@Kanak I see your PM and have replied to you there. It's unusual that the texts stopped coming through recently.



I have the same issue after porting to three just yesterday. None of my bank 2 factor authentication codes or Apple iMessage enablement works as in I never receive texts with the codes.

Really disappointed as I have been given a 3-5 day response time and will leave 3 because of this as it is a terrible start to your alleged service.

@Scottyboy I've popped back to your other post over here 👍 


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Hi, I’ve been having the same problem with the text messages, I can’t receive any bank or government messages. Is there any solution for this case?
Tnks so much