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Credit not appearing


Credit not appearing

To whom it may concern,

I topped up today and received a text confirming the top up however I received another text stating my credit is low 20 minutes later. I'm trying to use the internet app on my phone but I'm being asked to sign in to the 3 network?

I logged into My3 again and its now saying my balance is 0 - I have only checked my voicemail and sent a message on messenger and the 10 euro has disappeared.

Please fix the issue.


I had the exact same issue with last month top up and I'm having another similar issue with this months top up which I got last night I think three is just going down hill
3 Community Manager

@Louise2020 @PaulL Hello there 👋 let's take a look at this for you. Tell me, what price plan are you both on? It may be that your credit is being deducted for your price plan benefits. Let me know  👍




I am currently on the plan 3 Prepay 20 which was normally a 20 euro charge
for the unlimited data however I had opted for a promotional offer of 10
euro for the unlimited data. It seemed the promotion ended as with topping
up by the yen euro on Satruday I did not have unlimited bdata although on
my 3 account it shows under the data events that the data is unlimited. If
it is the case that the promotion has ended

@Louise2020 Hello 👋 I'd like to help you out here. The half-price promotion on some of our Prepay plans ended on October 31st. If you are on 3 Prepay 20 then a €20 top-up will activate all the fantastic benefits for you, including your data 👍