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Network Speed so slow


Network Speed so slow

Can anyone explain why the “fastest network in Ireland” is recently becoming unusable? I am using an IPhone 12 Pro and have paid the additional €5 for the 5G nationwide coverage. However I only receive a 4G signal in my area which would be fine except that recent speeds the last few days have been 0.6mb download and 1.49mb upload. This is barely useable for any use.

Anyone have any advice on this as working from home is a requirement made very difficult if not impossible due to this poor performance?
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@Dave01 Hi there and welcome. It's not ideal when your speeds drop, especially when working from home, so I get your frustration and I'd like to help you out. You mention that your speeds have been low for the last few days, prior to this how were the speeds? Let me know your general area so I can check for any works being completed in the vicinity.


Finally, have you had a read through our All about: Phone Coverage article yet? There are some great tips and tricks there that are worth giving a try. Let me know how you get on 👍


Hi Three_Laur

Thank you for your reply on this. Yes, I have noticed a recent drop in
speeds and in the past they have averaged around 10mbs download speed
throughout the day. However recently it seems that the speed is less than
1mbs download. This can occasionally peak during the day up to previous
speeds but during the day and particularly the evening it is less than

This is in the area of Lusk, North Co. Dublin.

Thank you for sending this link on and I will check this out.
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@Dave01 Good morning, thanks for getting back to me. I've taken a look at the Lusk area and there is one mast reporting alarms which I'm guessing is why you're seeing a reduction in your speeds. To confirm this, pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth so I can check your account and also check which mast you're connecting to if that's ok with you? Let me know 👌


Can I echo Dave’s issue. I am in rural west Clare using the HUAWEI router also. Was getting consistent speed in the 20-30mbps range but for the past week this has dropped to 0.5-2mbps. Tried all the usual cures for network optimisation even resorting to the old ‘30 second unplug. Nothing works! My wife and I both remotely working but our internet connection was practically unworkable today. Three seriously need to get their act to together. Need some kind of call back and follow up from @Three_Laur  or another CSR? 

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@JTBGU Good morning and thanks for posting. It's not great when your speeds drop, especially when working from home so I get your frustration. Firstly, let me know the general area you are in so I can check for alarms on the masts in the area. You say you've tried the usual cures, tell me more about this - what exactly have you tried so far? Finally, you may have seen our All about: Broadband Coverage article already, if you haven't take a look through, there may be some tips and tricks in there that you haven't tried 👍