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Prepaid Number Cancelled

My prepaid number was cancelled


In accordance with prepaid service terms and conditions one of the reasons that services may be restricted or ended is as a result of having no top up purchased or no chargeable use for a period of 12 months.


It is very important that you ensure that any prepaid number you own is topping up in each 12 month period or at least is utilising some of the credit on your account in that period to complete activities which incur some form of charge.


This is to ensure your number will continue to be deemed active.


If you miss the opportunity to complete this top up or chargeable activity in a 12 month period, we will endeavour to send a notification to you giving you 30 days’ notice of any intended cancellation and balance loss.


Familiarise yourself HERE with how easy it is to simply top up online.


If you wish to restore your account please speak to a Three Chat Advisor.