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Repeatedly charged for data despite mobile data turned off

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Repeatedly charged for data despite mobile data turned off

I noticed recently that my credit had been going down at a much faster rate than usual, and after checking my usage I see repeated charges of €2 for "internet" despite me never turning mobile data on. Only in emergencies do I use mobile data, 99% of the time the I'm on wifi when using the internet or anything data-related on my phone.


These charges don't occur every day, for example I've been charged the last 3 days in a row but not the day before that (and yes I had credit then) and the times are sporadic, mostly when I wouldn't be using the phone, i.e. 2am, 6am... completely random.


I turned my phone off deliberately last night and saw I was still charged €2 an hour afterwards, so it's not like some spurious app has bypassed any settings, it's being taken directly from my account for no reason. Can someone help?

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My commiserations Murdee, I have had also had this problem for some time now - as has my wife.  The only thing I can do do avoid it is to keep a zero balance and then Three can't take my credit.  I believe it is a scam that Three have put in place in order to take the credit from the older legacy plans to try to get us to move to Bill Pay.  I recently had to put credit on in order to send a text and today, even though I did not put on Mobile Data, they took 2 euro off me.  We have tried many times but the response is poor. 

Not true Rachel!!! I got charged today and I didn't have Mobile Data on. I checked online and I can see that today at 10:1822 Three took 2 euro for zero bytes...explain that please.

@KMul This thread has come a long way since Three_Rachel last replied here 💪 I understand fully that you have switched off all data and I'm investigating this on behalf of the Community. I'd like to follow up on our posts here ( 24th Jan), I've been looking for your PM and haven't found it. Will you send one on to me and include your wife's details too? Just click on the "send me a PM" link in my signature 👍 I'll watch out for you 👀


Hi Deborah. I am having the same problem as the other people here. I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 model. I have it 4 years and this has been happening intermittingly since I bought it. Like the other people on this thread I have a 'pay as you go' package with Three. I have never used it for data, except through wi-fi  but I'd like to retain the option if I ever need it. I have the mobile data switched off, the background data switched off and the location switched off but it still keeps happening.. When I check my online account I see €2 charges for pitifully small amounts of data, sometimes as low as 0kbytes. Three have taken a lot of money from me in this way in the last few years for zero return so I'm feeling a bit robbed.

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@Mark1 Hi there and welcome to 3Community 👋 If we remove the option for mobile data from your account it can always be added back on if you change your mind later on 😃 Now that you've posted publicly you'll have access to send me a PM, give a go and let me know your details so I can access your account 👍


Hi Three_Laur. Thanks for replying. This is not allowing me to send you  a PM. When I press on the link under your message it tells me that access is denied because I don't have sufficient privileges to perform that action. Is there another way to PM you?

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@Mark1 I've made a change to your profile so try it out for me now 👌


I am on the 3pay plan according to my dashboard.  Yesterday I topped up ten euros and it is now gone. Can you explain why?

@Anyname Hi there 👋 3Pay requires a €20 top-up to activate the plan benefits. I'm wondering if you were charged for data which is €1.01 per MB. Have you checked your usage in My3 around the time your credit was used? Let me know 👍


FYI, this issue isn't just happening on legacy O2 plans.

This has been happening me the past few months on 3Pay when I don't have the plan activated. Normally the data amount is 1kB so there is no charge (as 3Pay doesn't have a minimum daily data charge) but occasionally the data amount has been higher and a small amount deducted from my credit.

My handset is a Samsung A40 dual SIM bought from Three at the beginning of last year but I'm only aware of this issue happening since January this year. I have a second SIM in the phone (48) which is enabled for mobile data so there shouldn't be any data routed via my Three SIM (and I have a 0B data limit set on the Three SIM to be doubly sure). Physically swapping the two SIMs around makes no difference.

The cost to me is minimal but at the same time I'd like to get to the bottom of what's going on as it's bugging me!