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Repeatedly charged for data despite mobile data turned off

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Repeatedly charged for data despite mobile data turned off

I noticed recently that my credit had been going down at a much faster rate than usual, and after checking my usage I see repeated charges of €2 for "internet" despite me never turning mobile data on. Only in emergencies do I use mobile data, 99% of the time the I'm on wifi when using the internet or anything data-related on my phone.


These charges don't occur every day, for example I've been charged the last 3 days in a row but not the day before that (and yes I had credit then) and the times are sporadic, mostly when I wouldn't be using the phone, i.e. 2am, 6am... completely random.


I turned my phone off deliberately last night and saw I was still charged €2 an hour afterwards, so it's not like some spurious app has bypassed any settings, it's being taken directly from my account for no reason. Can someone help?

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Just to add, when there are more than one of these data events on a single day, they are nearly always almost exactly 1 hour and 59 mins apart!

Hi Deborah, I'm having exactly the same problem on a legacy plan. I tried sending you a PM but it said 'access denied'

@sstronge Hi there, you should be able to send me a PM now. I'll keep an eye out for you.

Hi, I've also been charged for a €2 DayPass randomly - this is the first time it has happened to me. I don't use data on this phone and did have data barring activated several years ago, assuming this is still in place.


Since my last post a 2nd event has appeared - the time listed is the exact time I received an SMS from Three saying my DayPass had been activated.


@muffinhead have you seen the checklist I posted on the other thread for this? 👇


€2 Daily Pass for Legacy Plans 


Have a look and if you have gone through the points, send me a PM and I'll check the block on your account. One of the reasons why this may have been lifted from your account is down to a plan change. 


Hi Deborah, I've been through the checklist and can't find anything that would have caused any data to be activated. I've sent you a PM.

@muffinhead I see your PM and I'll pop back to you there 



Dear Laura,I don't know weather this site is still being monitored but I'm having the same issues and so is my Mother.Constantly being charged randomly for a €2 'Day Pass' despite mobile data being very much TURNED OFF ! My Mother had €34 worth of credit on her legacy sim and when this was put into a new sim free phone (with mobile data turned off) within a couple of days this had gone down to €0.01c, she wouldn't even know what mobile data was.We then reluctantly put in yet another €20 and sure enough within a couple of days this had reduced to €16.I'm having exactly the same issues with my phone,I've lost or should I say "stolen" from my account upwards of €60 and that's an underestimate.

We want fair compensation and inorder to ensure this doesn't continue in the future we mobile data "barred" at your end,because it definitely is at our end !!

Yours in anticipation !



@Annoyed1 Hello there and welcome to 3Community. This thread is indeed monitored and I'd love to help you out here. Tell me, have you gone through the checklist posted above by @Three_Deborah? There are many different ways that your phones can connect to the mobile internet and that list is a good place to start. Alternatively, we have unlimited prepay data plans available, check out How to: Choose a Prepay plan  for more details. Let me know what you decide 👍