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SMS - Low balance notification


SMS - Low balance notification

Hi, this is Cristian.

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Im not quite sure if this matter concerns to anyone else.. but the SMS notification about low balance, is sent at the same moment that you can figure it out by yourself that you already ran out of balance.... I mean I think that could be better if I could be notified 2 days before that it actually happen (to give an example)... So I could have the chance to TOP UP while I still have data....


So far today I went out, and 15 minutes later has arrived that msg but didnt have any chance to top up untill I get a place with wifi...


Its no a big deal .. but i think that you can improve this...


Thx have a good day 😃


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@Cristian Hi there 👋 Hhhmmmmm thanks for letting us know this happened, have you noticed this any other months? Let me know. Also, have you considered scheduled top-ups? Lots of our customers find scheduling the top-up a great way to keep them up to date. 

This has always been a problem.


A number of months ago I used over €100 in credit before receiving a single message. Spent a great deal of time with online chat and was unable to get any resolution to the problem. Left very unhappy. Usage warning messages arrive hours after they might actually be useful, by design I believe.


Now this morning I have again used over €100 credit without a single message.


I know all about scheduling topups but in all honestly if this feature cannot be engineered to work correctly then I have little confidence in the scheduled topups working as advertised.

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@Adrian Hi there 👋 I want to look into this for you. To clarify, is it a low balance notification or a price plan expiry warning text you need looked at? Let me know 👍

I've attached a screenshot as an example below. You can see nine usage warnings all received at the same time that day. Online chat told me that each message was in relation to a specific 'session' and will only be sent when that session has ended, which is easy enough to understand but what they couldn't explain to me is why all of these messages came in at the same time. Sessions don't run concurrently so why was that first warning not sent early that morning when that session ended? I obviously had a good enough connection to use data so it cannot be that the message failed to deliver.


Historically my experience is similar to OPs in this thread, the warnings start to come in after you've already exhausted all of your credit...making them less than useless. I say less that useless because if the feature wasn't there then at least you wouldn't in any way rely of it to warn you.



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@Adrian thanks so much for the screenshot and the detail, that's very handy. I'd like to look into this further for you and to do that I'll need access to your account. Pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth and we'll go from there 👍

Hi @Adrian, thanks for the PM. I've linked in with our Prepay team to confirm the info I have myself. What you both received are spend alerts @Cristian which are sent after the spend happens. Regarding the timing - these alerts are not sent in real time but are related to a specific session. Have either of you ever received a text to advise that your plan is due to expire? If so, let me know when the last time was. These texts aren't a gaureenteed feature, but I'll look into it for you. In the meantime, we always advise to check your My3 App for when your plan is due to expire. @Adrian , I'll pop back to your PM.

I have had the same few times.

But today I had over 96 euro balance and didn't get a notification.

It took me all that money from my account!

I checked this morning - 96 euro is on my account and half an hour later a text came that I have low balance 0 euro! 

It's so frustrating.

Will you give that money back?


Secondly I had no signal in Dublin 9 last week, so couldn't use the allowances and internet at all!

Of course no refund given for anything what isn't working well.

I had to buy internet from another provider 

Same here, except for me i wasted over 130euro before they send a message saying balance is low. I check, and balanced isn't low - its gone! What a waste. And unfortunately not the first time.

I agree too about the scheduled top ups, if they can't managed to give you a heads up when your credit is low how can we trust them to get anything else right.

I am just wondering if anyone will do anything with this?

It's a theft!

How many people are affected?

They are not willing to do any refunds or top up our accounts for the next time.


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