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Switched to Prepay 20 plan, now top-ups not being applied

Switched to Prepay 20 plan, now top-ups not being applied

Yesterday, I switched from the BeFree Internet plan to the Prepay 20 plan online. At that point, my balance was €0.01. The switching process required me to top up by €20, which I did.


I received a top-up confirmation message straight away (at 2.19pm), but my balance still showed as €0.01. Later in the evening, around 7pm, I needed to make a call, but it told me I didn't have enough credit, so I tried topping up by another €20 (this time using AIB's top-up by text). I got no confirmation, and my balance was still €0.01.


This morning I got two €20 top-up confirmation texts, one at 9am (from "Three"), and one at 10.29am (from 50202), followed immediately by one telling me to enjoy my all-you-can-eat data. And an email at 9.58am, subject "Thanks for topping up!" (overkill much?)


But my balance is still €0.01, and I still can't make any calls.


What's going on?




Now you don't get the credits when topping up, you just get your plan benefits "activated".

If you want to make calls you would need to top up AGAIN to get the credits, isn't that just great?

That's what I guessed when I made the initial top up during the switch, but shouldn't my second top up later that day have added the call credit? Still confused...

@scottishwildcat Hi there 👋 the charge for the price plan is deducted each time you top up by €20 or more. The 28 days then begin again from the time of that top-up. However, I'd like to look into why you couldn't make a call after you had topped up the first time. Should this have been a free call or a charged one? Let me know 👍

I was actually just trying to check my voicemail (171), which I'm still unable to do due to my 0.01 balance.

So you're telling me that the second time I topped up by €20, I was just throwing money away to reset my 28-day clock by 1 day? And to get (say) €10 call credit, I'd have had to top up by €30?

Bugger. That wasn't clear at all in the blurb, really wish I'd just stayed on the old BeFree plan now.

Had pretty much the same issue as you and when trying to call their customer support to ask about it the answer was pretty much: "Well, you should have paid more attention to the TOS then".

Great service and support.

@scottishwildcat @Rafael if you want to add credit to your account and not reset your plan the best thing to do is top-up by an amount lower than your plan charge. If you're on 3Prepay 20, for example, top-up by €10.

@scottishwildcat  I'd like to check out the voicemail query for you, will you pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth 👍

@Three_Laur  What about having All You Can Eat data AND have the credits in my account like it was before?

I know it sounds CRAZY, but you know, just an idea.


I have exactly the same issue. I topped up three days ago with 20€, balance still 0,00€. Today I paid again 20 €, no change, balance still 0,00 €. No customer service available, only bot which tells me what I have read already. Bot can't help. I have a feeling of being duped.

@malka Hello 👋 I've popped back to your post over here 👉 click here 👍