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Switching to billpay from prepay


Switching to billpay from prepay


Can someone let me know the process for switching from billpay to prepay?




It is a prepay sim. I had to get a three sim replacement for my current phone as the old sim didn't fit, but the number is 086.

Can you send me a PM with the 083 number and the number that you want to keep, please? I'll also need your name, address and date of birth. 


I have the same issue, I am told that it CAN'T be done.  You can't move your prepay 3 number to a bill pay one. 3 or carephone warehouse never mentioned that. only option given was to return the phone to the shop within 14 days or to have two phones/or switch sims every now and again.  Not really what I wanted to hear.



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@Me3 Hello there and thanks for posting 👋 I'm guessing you ordered your phone as a new customer rather than an existing customer wanting to change from Prepay to Bill Pay? When placing your order be sure to be logged into My3 and follow the steps in there to change to Bill Pay, that way you get to move your existing number 👌




I bought it in the carphone warehouse as an upgrade from prepay to bill
pay. I contacted 3 by chat and gave me the link to do it myself and keep my
phone number. There I was told that it was not possible and to ring 3
instead. I did that and was told to probably wait for 24 hours. I rang
the following day where the 3 representative told me that it wasn't
possible to keep my phone number from prepay to bill pay. The option she
gave me were:
Return your phone
Have two phones
Buy a prepay phone.

Obviously, I wasn't pleased, I was given a link to complain about that, I
filled it in and I think the person from 3 told me that I would get an
response within 24 hours. I haven't heard anything back yet.

However, I was able to fix it myself by buying a temporary sim card from a
different provider and then doing the upgrade from that provider to 3. So
I'm still your customer but no thanks to the support I got from 3 but more
by obligations.

Kind regards,

3 Community Manager

@Me3 I'm glad you are up and running now, I'd still like to look into this for you and to do that I'll need access to your account. Send me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth and we'll go from there 👍



I wish I could, when I try to log in to my account I have an error message
and when I try to register again I’m told I already have an account. ##-
Please type your reply above this line -##
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@Me3 What message are you receiving when you log in? Can you click on Send me a PM in my signature and send me a private message? Let me know 👍