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Top Up Modem And Buy Pass

How do I top up my modem and how do I get a pass?


Before you can add a pass, you will need to make sure you have enough credit.


You can top up online or with a voucher.


Top Up Online

Three offers two Online Top Up Services:

  • My Top Up.
  • Instant Top Up.


My Top Up

In My Top Up you can:

  • Save your card details.
  • Save the Three Prepay numbers you regularly top up.
  • Schedule Top Ups.


Instant Top Up

Top up yourself or someone else.

  • You don't need to log in.
  • You don't need to be a Three customer.
  • You just need your card details and the Three Prepay number you want to top up.


Top Up with a Voucher

Top Up Vouchers can be bought in any Three store and any retail store displaying the Three logo.


Once you have the voucher log in to My3 and click 'Use Voucher' in the Top Up section. Enter the Voucher number and click Apply.


Choose a Broadband Modem Pass

Once you have topped up or have credit on your account you can buy a broadband modem pass.


There are 3 passes to choose from:

  • 24 Hour Pass - 500MB of data for €3.99.
  • 7 Day Pass - 5GB of data for €9.99.
  • 28 Day Pass - 7.5GB of data for €19.99.

Each pass lasts for the outlined durations, or until the data is used, whichever comes first.


Once you have topped up your account and chosen a pass:

  • Log in to My3.
  • Select Manage Services. 
  • Select the pass you'd like.

For information on what happens when your pass runs out, click here.