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Voicemail Overview

What is Voicemail?


Voicemail lets people leave you a message if your phone is off, has no signal or you don't answer.


You will get a text when you have received a new Voicemail message.


To listen to your messages or to activate your Voicemail just dial 171 from your mobile.


The price of Voicemail depends on your plan.


Turn Off Voicemail


Bill Pay customers can turn off Voicemail by dialling ##21# from their phone.

Prepay Customers must contact the Forum.  

Turn Voicemail back on at any time by dialling 171 from your phone.


What are the Voicemail controls?


Voicemail Controls

Delete a message

Press 5

Replay a message

Press 11

Fast forward eight seconds

Press 3

End a message

Press 33

Rewind a message

Press 1

Pause/resume a message

Press 7

Next Message

Press 6

For help

Press 8

To transfer a message

Press 3

To keep a message

Press 4



What is my Voicemail password and greeting?


Your Voicemail password is set by default to 0000.


Your default Voicemail password is 0000. Change this to something more secure by dialling 173.


Don't choose an easy password like 1234, 1111 or 9999.


Choose something that's unique and difficult to guess.


Don't use something personal, like your date of birth.


Your Voicemail greeting is the message that people hear before they leave a message.


Dial 172 from your mobile phone to change or delete it.


How can I keep my voicemail secure?


Don't use the one password for everything. If someone figures out your password all your information will be at risk.


Change your password regularly.


Lock your phone so that it can't be accessed if lost or stolen. This will mean your Voicemail can't be accessed either.


Don't share your password with anyone.


How do I listen to my Voicemail on another phone or while roaming?


Dial your mobile number with a 5 after the prefix from a landline or another mobile to access your Voicemail.


If your number is 0861234567 you would dial 08651234567.


Interrupt your greeting by pressing the # key.


Enter your Voicemail password followed by the # key again.


The default Voicemail password is 0000. You can change this by dialling 173 from your phone.


You may be charged more than usual to call your Voicemail when you are abroad. You may also be charged if someone leaves you a message.


Click here for the Three Travel rates.
Bill Pay customers can dial ##21# from your phone to turn off Voicemail.


Prepay customers will need to contact us.

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