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App of the Month: REFACE

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It’s the start of October, and it’s that time again for the App of the Month. So we thought why not have a bit of fun, while being inspired for spooky season? There are so many great, amusing apps to choose from, and settled on REFACE as the App of the Month. Now, this app is extremely popular worldwide, it helped many with COVID-19 boredom including Elon Musk apparently. I do have to point out that there is a content rating of age 17+ that comes with this app. Just saying!


Starting off

You can get this app whether you have Android or iOS. Starting off couldn’t be easier, just go to the store of choice, and click install. When it’s downloaded, follow the instructions. You can opt in to take a selfie or upload from your gallery. There are some pro-features that carry a fee, but you can pay for this subscription via 3Pay . For more info about 3Pay have a look at our other blog 👇


How To: Buy apps using 3Pay 


And because we like making things easy, here are some handy links to the "stores" for REFACE.


Apps store: click here 

Play store: click here 


How it works.

Well the app names kinda tells you 🤔 You can “reface” vids, gifs and/or images. Swap your face out for a celebrity and that is only the start of the fun. My dad thinks the singing and dancing images are great craic altogether, while @Three_Laur and I just love being in short movies. @Three_laur rocked it as Bella To be fair I made a great Maleficent and better Alice in Wonderland.  Have a look at the vids 🤗 😉 You'll need an MP4 media player to view and if you want, to upload your own.


Featuring @Three_Laur as Bella from Beauty and the Beast



Featuring @Three_Deborah as Alice in Alice in Wonderland



The benefits

  • It’s fun
  • It’s great fun
  • It’s so much fun

This fun factor is reflected in the huge amounts of downloads and 4.5 star rating on Play Store and 5 stars on App store.


Go on, give a go and let us know what you think about it or upload your REFACE below.


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