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Tip of the Week: Sharing Wi-Fi Passwords

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Visiting family and friends is on the way back so we want to know – have you ever went to visit a friend and asked for the Wi-Fi password, only to find your friend can’t remember it? More than like the Wi-Fi password will be a confusing mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols, and unless it’s written down and easy to find, it can be difficult to access.


Luckily, if you and your friend have an iPhone with iOS 11 or higher, it’s easy to share Wi-Fi passwords with each other.


How do I do this?

To share a Wi-Fi password using iOS 11, here’s what you need to do:


  1. The person who wishes to connect to the Wi-Fi network must go to Settings > Wi-Fi as usual. Choose the network you want to connect to – this must be the exact same network that your friend is connected to. This will bring you to the ‘Enter Password’ screen.
  2. The Wi-Fi owner who is connected to the Wi-Fi network already must now unlock their phone.
  3. For this next step, it’s important both phones are close together. Once the above steps have been followed, the phone user connected to the Wi-Fi will receive a prompt asking them to share Wi-Fi. It will say ‘Do you want to share the Wi-Fi password for [Network Name] with [Device Name]?’
  4. Once the user is comfortable sharing the Wi-Fi, all they need to do is tap ‘Share Password’.
  5. The password field on the second iPhone should now be filled, allowing the phone user to connect to the Wi-Fi successfully.


Want to share your password on Android? No problem, here’s how if you’re running Android 10 or higher:


  1. The Wi-Fi owner opens their settings and scrolls to Wi-Fi
  2. From here they select the network they wish to share
  3. A QR code will appear
  4. The visitor now needs to scan this code using the default camera on their Android or iPhone


There you go, now you’re connected. Do our members have any other tips they’d like to share? We love hearing from you ❤️


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