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Review Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro


Review Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

Thanks to the nice people at Anker for sending me their latest earphones, The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Total Wireless Earphones to review.



Firstly the earphones packaging is very eye catching and on the back of the box is all the technology in the earphones.


Then when you unfold the box your presented with a nice visual breakdown of whats inside the earphones.







When you unpack the contents of the box you get 

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Notification that only only earphone will show up as paired
  • Feedback pamphlet.
  • 2 more of the ear wings (S,L)and 6 different ear tips (XS, S, M+ , L, XL, L+), all of these are labelled with their sizes.
  • USB-C cable
  • The earphones.
  • Wireless Charging/carrying case


The Charging/Carrying case has a cool sliding action to reveal the earphones.

It has 3 small white Leds on the front to show the battery level of the case while its charging all 3 Leds indicate 100%, 2 Leds is 30 to 70% and 1Led is 0 to 30% battery.

A nice feature is when you close the case the left and right Leds flash to indicate that the left and right earphones are in contact with the pins inside the case.

The case weights 53grms which is very light considering that it supports Qi Wireless charging.

Do take time to find the right fit for your ears, I was a ‘S’ ear wing and a Medium ear tip, you need to put the earphones in vertically and twist so they fit snugly in your ears.

Each earphone has a button on top to allow you to control them.

They each weight 8 grms each.




The earphones support Qualcomm’s aptX Codec and Bluetooth version 5 so the earphones will use minimum power and you get HD audio from your device to the earphones with low latency.

Internally the earphones use “Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture” which stops interference and gives you great sound.


Pairing via bluetooth as usual is very straight forward, but as mentioned in the guide you will see two Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro’s listed in your bluetooth afterwards but you will only be connected to one but this allows you to use each in isolation if you need to.

Once you take them out of the carry case they will turn on and connect to your device automatically.


To get the most out of the earphones you will need to download the Soundcore app.

I would recommend that you go through the HearID process to Personalize the equaliser on the earphones for your ears, you have to find a quiet place to run a series of tests on what you can hear in each ear it will take around 3 minutes but afterwards you have an equalizer tuned to your right ear one way and your left ear another way.

I was very impressed with the sound quality of the earphones they give plenty of punch in the bass and captures the treble very well, and at high volumes the music didn’t distort on the equalizer presets.





The Soundcore app gives you plenty of preset equalizers that Grammy Award winning producers have put into the app so you can select those if you want.



Or you can select from some of the below also





The app also gives the option to update the firmware of the earphones if one becomes available.


As I’m trying to keep fit and doing some running, I changed the Controller buttons to behave with a one second long press to change tracks as I generally wouldn’t change volume too much, you can also configure the button to turn on your voice assistant or change volume.

I did a 5 Kilometer run and the earphones felt very solid in my ears all the time.




The range of the earphones is very impressive i left my phone in my sitting room and was able to listen to music all over my two storey house.

For Battery Life I got just a bit over the 8 hours using the default equalizer, a 10 minute charge will give you 2 hours listening and you get 3 more full recharges from the charging case. 

The case supports fast-charge USB-C or a Qi-compatible wireless charger.

To view the battery % in android you can see the earphones battery % in the Bluetooth Settings.


There are 4 microphones in the earphones and combined with ambient-noise cancelling of Qualcomm cVc 8.0 technology for calls, which helps reduce background noise and increases your speech so the other person can hear you clearer.

In quiet areas they worked great but if your in a windy area outside they did struggle a bit as your speech will be a bit choppy with the ambient-noise cancelling working, but using the 2 earphones made a better job of your speech instead of using one for a voice call.


The Soundcore Liberty Pro 2 is a great set of TWS earphones for people who want to get the most out of their music.


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