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Iphone5s switching itself off


Iphone5s switching itself off

Hi. I have a new iPhone 5s only since end of February. In last couple of weeks it has started switching itself off as in it has been left on and when I go to it it is switched off. Pressing home key and on/off button together is getting it on again. Why is this happening? Is it a faulty battery? Notice battery light at back one is orange in colour. Has this happened anyone else? Any suggestions?
My email address is ******** - and phone number is *****.

Thanks for help in advance.



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Re: Iphone5s switching itself off

Hi madmary, it sounds like the phone is faulty. The best thing to do is send the phone away for repairs. Our repair team will check it out. iPhones have a 12 month warranty so if there's no physical damage or water damage to the phone, it will be free of charge to get the phone repaired. All you need to do is pop into your local Three store, they'll send the phone away to our repair team for you.