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OnePlus 8T not receiving phone calls sometimes

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OnePlus 8T not receiving phone calls sometimes

Hi there


I bought a OnePlus 8T sim free from OnePlus last year. I switched from a company plan with 3 to a personal sim free plan in Jan. Since then people have been telling me that they are calling me, but I cannot see any missed calls from them.  Thats not that Im not receiving calls. I do receive some calls however its worrying the amount of people saying they can get through to me.


There are no missed calls registered on the phone


Im not sure if this is connected to the phone or the network change. I have read the issue might be related to VoLTe and the fact that the OnePlus phones do not officially support this feature. I downloanded a tool to enable VoLTe on the phone but im still missing calls


So i dont know if this is an issue with the network or the phone


@MC77 @CiaranC Hi folks, just popping in to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. Our Devices team are taking a look at this and I'll let you know when there's news 



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@MC77 @CiaranC Hope you both had a nice weekend 🌞 Just letting you know that our Devices team is continuing to look into this with OnePlus and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop with any updates 👌



I am also using one plus 8 T phone, people calling me also complaining that I am not taking phone, actually I am not receiving any notification , I am also facing the same issue, I am also planning to change my sim from my3. Please resolve the issu

Please check and give the solution for the issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for the update Three_Laur.
It's frustrating not being able to use 5g... Hopefully the solution will be provided soon.

As a workaround, turn off smart 5g, and on preferred network type, select 2g/3g/4g (automatic)
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@MC77 @CiaranC @dickcheni Thanks for your patience with this. It's looking like we're getting closer to a solution with OnePlus, I'll keep you in the loop once I have solid news 💪





Ok thank you


@dickcheni Hi there, we haven't forgotten about you but there's no news as of yet.