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Add or Remove Direct Debit

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Add or Remove a Direct Debit


Paying by Direct Debit is the most convenient way to pay your bill as the money is automatically taken from your account each month.


Add Direct Debit

If you're not currently paying your bill by Direct Debit, you can easily set one up through your My3 account


My3 Web

When you log into My3 via your broswer, click on 'Set Direct Debit', which is available on the top left of the screen.


From here you will need to select “Use Another Payment Method”.


Under the Bank Account tab, input the required information and click Save.

My3 App

In the My3 app, select the menu button in the top right corner (this looks like three lines on top of each other).


Select Manage Direct Debit and then choose “Pay with a Different Payment Method”.


Enter your details under the “Bank Account” tab and hit Save.


Alternatively, you can set one up by filling out a Direct Debit Mandate. Just fill in the required details and return it to the address below. You can set also up a direct debit by calling us on 1913.


Direct Debit Mandate Returns Address:
Three Accounts Receivable,
Unit B,
West Cork Technology Park,
Co. Cork.


Just so you know, you can only set up Direct Debits on bank accounts that are in your own name. If it is a joint account, you must be authorised to set up Direct Debits but we cannot set this up for you over the phone. The Direct Debit Mandate form will need to be completed in this case.


Cancel Direct Debit

If you no longer want to pay your bill by Direct Debit, you can change to one of the bill payment methods listed here.


Please note that cancelling a Direct Debit does not cancel your account.


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