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Bill 3 times higher than usual


Bill 3 times higher than usual

Hi, my monthly bill is roughly 30 EUR. My account is telling my I owe 90+ EUR for June 2021. I have not reached any data/phone call/text limit as set on my account. Please explain and rectify the overcharge ASAP, thank you.
3 Community Admin

@Anna23, Hello there, let's figure out together why your bill was higher than usual? It might be that there were extra calls made or some international usage. 


With your bill being roughly €30 a month tell me that you have a 3 Mini Flex Max plan. Which has 100 units for national landlines and other mobile networks. It also covers texts to other networks. 

Had you been checking your My3 to keep an eye on this allowance? During the billing cycle for the June bill, did you receive any texts from Three advising you are nearing your Flexi Unit allowance? This normally happens when your 100 flexi-units are being used up on calls or text. Can you remember if this was a busy time for you and you were calling non-Three numbers?


Let me know.

@Anna23 Hi there, I'm wondering if you've been in touch with our other channels and has this been investigated on your behalf?