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Can't Access mythree account

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Can't Access mythree account

Had to change my mythree account in last few days to some new version of it.

Was basically just logging in to see my usage but also trying to find out when I'm due an upgrade. Got logged in, but get this message:

No Active Customer or Subscriptions were Found
Any ideas?

I Have the same problem and same message.

Cant get in to top up credit online.


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im the exact same, and we are still not connected to our accounts, found 3 support very unhelpful for the last week , being diverted everywhere and anywhere apart from my problem been looked at , On hold for over an hour and in queues for 2 hours on chat . Got through to a helpful person yesterday Stephen who told me today would be the day we would be able to access our accounts due to the upgrades happening yet none of the 6 support workers id previously been on to were aware there were any issues. Not good enough Three 

Ah ok. Well it's useful to know that I'm not an isolated case. Hopefully it will get sorted soon, but I suppose in these times, it's quite understandable if we have to wait a little bit longer!




I have a mobile broadband bill due tomorrow (27th April) but cannot access the login to my account as systems are being updated from Sunday 2pm 26th of April to 9am 28th of April 2020.

Is there an alternative way to pay during this period? The live chat is no longer working and phone line includes the automated message and "we cannot not deal with any payment requests during this time"


Will accounts due payment now be disconnected?

@Michael3 Hello there, I'm sure you won't be disconnected for being a day or 2 over-due on your bill. When everything is up and running tomorrow, can you make payment then? 

I need to purchase a SIM card separate to my phone one for a wifi router so I can work from home. Bit silly not being able to make payments over the phone when I can't make a purchase online. I'm working in medical admin, so you'd think Three would keep these things in mind when people need their products asap. 

This still won't work for me?

Are others having similar problems?

Want to check my usage but also check my upgrade eligibility and can't
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I had the same problem but all sorted now. My account was reset.

I eventually got in on Sunday and then Monday I got an email for feedback , not that it matters as it ll probably be filed away I told them that it was t good enough the way they were treating their customers , long delays , cut offs on calls and staff generally not knowing their job , it’s ridiculous