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Cancellation of Bill Pay

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Cancellation of Bill Pay

Hi, I would like to cancel my bill pay contract, and find out the cancellation fee please





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@Ef1  Sorry to hear you're thinking about cancelling. I can take you through all the information you're requesting. I'll need to check your account so can you send a PM to me with you number, full name, address and date of birth please? If you know the cost of your plan each month (leaving out any extra charges for things not included in your plan) and you know how long you have left you can calculate this yourself. I've given an example below.


The cancellation fee is made up of your monthly price plan charge and thats multiplied by the number of months left in your contract. If you are on a €60 price plan and have 3 months left then the cancellation fee will be €180 and thats added onto your bill.


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@Three_Rachel good to know.


I am not getting real time updates of my data usage to view on my online account. Also i received a message to say i would be charged 0.00 and then one to say I had used 80% of my plan followed by one very shortly afterwards (hours) to say I had spent over 10 euro. None of these messages seem accurate or consistent and it is very very difficult to track and monitor data usage, and i am not able to purchase any add ons.