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Getting a copy of a bill for a closed account


Getting a copy of a bill for a closed account

Please could you let me know how I can get a copy of a bill for a closed account.  I have the account number, phone number and missing bill number.

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@MattSteele Hello there, this is something we can look into, for sure. How far back are we talking? Let me know the dates needed and we'll go from there 👌


The bill date would probably be 21 Oct 20, and the bill number would be 2xxxxxxxxx


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@MattSteele, great stuff. I should be able to see a bill from October 2020. Oh, I've edited the invoice number for your privacy. Will you pop me a PM ( see link in my signature) . I need your full name if it's different ot your username here, number, address and date of birth please.



@MattSteele Thanks for sending me your account details. I've requested a copy for you, and you should get an email in the next few days 👍