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My3 Questions Board for Bill Pay

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My3 Questions Board for Bill Pay

Hello Community,


Here's the place to post your questions and share your solutions for My3 with other members. 

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Hi guys,


No.1 The new App is a disaster. Whoever thought it a good idea to change is a muppet!


My latest bill was double my usual bills with the same usage.


Can't get details in app, can't get through on phone, cant get details on chat.


Absolute joke.


@Charlie and @Naoife Have you sent us a PM with your details? I've had a look there and can't seem to find you there. @ELENA thanks for your PMs @Three_Laur is looking into your query 👍 @billbond4 thanks a million for your suggestion there, I've seen your advice has helped others here 😊

Hi I have the same issue, when I login it says “something went wrong” can’t check my bill can this be emailed or posted to me? How can I check my bill other than the website/app?

Try to login to the website/app without using autfill

If you've got a Gmail address, you can use two useful tricks to give you an infinite number of unique usernames:

Hi , I am new to Three , I am trying to access MY3 and when I log in I keep getting this message 'No Active Customer or Subscriptions were Found'


All help appreciated.


Absolutley, this is definitley a backward step. I was speaking to several agents on 3 chat yesterday and they all said they could help with this issue but 2 hung up on me and the last suggestion was to register with several emails? I think this is madness. 

Well what was the result? Did you manage to help this person?

Hi, what was the outcome please?