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No options showing to pay / view bills in new My3

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No options showing to pay / view bills in new My3

I've recently done the registering for the new My3 website / app but there's something wrong with it. All I can see on my dashboard is my usage data and my device. I can't view or pay bills, all clicking those does is take me back to the same page again. My husband is also a 3 customer, and his My3 works fine, so I can see what it's supposed to look like. 


I've been on a live chat conversation for a full day now, which has been absolutely useless, as I keep just getting shunted from person to person, none of whom seem to be able to help. Most of them just seem to think my problem is that I can't log in. I can log in fine, I just can't do anything once I am logged in! The last person I was speaking to just said 'unregister then reregister' and marked the conversation as resolved. Can you even unregister? How? Would that even help?!


Getting very annoyed at the poor service here. 

3 Community Manager

@JoGo Hello, this is something that needs to be passed onto our tech team. Can you send me a PM with your full name, number, address, and date of birth? Will you let me know what sort of phone you have too?