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Oneplus 9 series

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Oneplus 9 series


Is there a timeline on when Oneplus 9 and 9 pro are available for bill pay? 

I am available for an upgrade but I checked online and it is sadly not available on Three shop.

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@Jin Hello there 👋 Although not the One Plus 9 or 9 Pro, we've an exciting OnePlus device on the way in the coming months, keep an eye on our Online Shop 😉




I am also due upgrade and would prefer Oneplus device, is there any sort of indication when it will be available?


@Soutie1107  Hi there 👋 we're expecting a launch in the coming months so make sure to keep your eyes peeled 😉





Hi there im also due a upgrade from June 11th and looking to upgrade to the new one plus 9 or 9 pro whats the current status on both these and when may they become available. I also here about a new one plus from past messages online here that you guys have mentioned whats the current status with that?

@NiallMoran10 Hi there, welcome to 3Community. Keep an eye on our Online Shop for an exciting launch in the coming months from OnePlus 😁



Hi there so ive just gotten of the phone to your customer care (1913 )apparently you wont be dealing with oneplus anymore and its been taking of your site page so whats this news about a exciting new one plus?? you've been talking about cause im due a upgrade 

@NiallMoran10, thanks for sharing this, and yes you're right OnePlus has been removed from our online shop. We do this for phones models that are end of the line ( not in production or available to Three)


Now in saying that, 3Community has an unboxing/unpacking for OnePlus scheduled for the near future. I can't tell you when or what model, but as it stands today there is something coming soon 😎😉




It must be the new OnePlus Nord Ce 5g that's due out the 14th of June??cause that's the only new model by OnePlus due out