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Plan change



I recently ordered a Samsung A52 5g phone with my current plan - Classic flex max. I did not realize at the time that this plan does not include 5g access at all. I would like to change over to the 3 Bill Pay 300 plan as it includes 5g access with an add on. 

Can I swap this over on my account? Will this affect the price of the phone? I did check the upgrade on my other. account and it had the phone for free on the 3 Bill Pay 300 plan. Whereas I paid 49 euro through my Classic flex max plan for it. Thanks

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@bdavej Hi there, did you upgrade online or over the phone? I'm asking to see if you are within your 14-days online/telesales return option. If so, you can return your phone and wait for the upgrade to be reversed then start from scratch by selecting 3 BillPay 300.