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Unable to receive Incoming Call


Unable to receive Incoming Call

I have been unable to receive Incoming calls whilst in the UK since the 23rd December. When calling the message states "sorry it has not been possible to connect your call". Error is encountered whilst calling from both Irish and UK telephone numbers. I previously had this issue and was found to be a network issue which I believe is the case yet again.
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Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Is it possible to send a PM with your mobile number, address and date of birth so I can check out your account? If I need to contact our tech team I can do so then to get this looked into.

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@factfilm Hi there and welcome to 3Community. I've edited your personal details for your security. This is a public forum and your posts are visible to everyone. 

Can you give me some details regarding incoming calls? 

  1. Are you Billpay or Prepay?
  2. When did you start to notice this?
  3. Are you in Ireland or the UK like the Original Poster here?

Let me know and we'll go from there 👍