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3Broadband and Sky-on-Demand board

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3Broadband and Sky-on-Demand board

Hi all and thanks for bringing this to the attention of 3Community.  Please continue to post comments here, as we are closely monitoring this board and taking note of all the examples you are providing us 



Thanks to you, our tech team has customers' examples to investigate the root cause. Right now, I have no update other than this investigation is in progress and our tech team is reaching out to Sky.


I've moved the original thread here, to keep all the information together.


Again, thank you for providing examples and for your patience.


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Latest Update: 13/04/2021


Hi all, our tech team are focusing on a workaround for 3Broadband customers who are also Sky customers. We are testing a few options and I will let you know here. 


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Latest Update: 20/04/2021

Thanks again for your patience. The relevant teams are continuing to work towards a workaround for changes made with Sky-on-Demand services. As always, I'll keep 3Community in the loop.



Latest Update: 29/04/2021

A fix was rolled out by Sky last night and our members are reporting a return to their services. Thanks again to all Community members for reporting this to us  🤗



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@Jack I've got you! I've updated your profile so give it a go now 👍


Thanks, just sent you it.

If you need any more info just let me know as i would love to get to the bottom of it



Hi All,

    Welcome to this thread which is a complete pain.


Just to inform you also that I have tried Sky with eir, 3 and Vodafone mobile SIMs ( In a proper 4G router) 

Only eir MBB works for downloads with Sky. 3 and Vodafone give the same subscription error.

This only started to happen in January. I was using Sky with 3 for several months and had no issue and was using eir MBB before that with Sky for years and no issue. Unfortunately eir MBB went to crap in my are so I got a 3 SIM also.   


@peterw12 Thanks for that info, the more info we have the better! Be sure to send me your details via PM so I can pass them to our tech team 👍


@peterw12 have you had your package changed to sky signature ?

I did when they moved me the the sky q box I think

But, the problem started to happen when I was on a Sky+ with my older pack

mine only started to play up when they switched me from variety to signature package a couple of weeks ago, prior to that it works fine for 2 years, just thought it maybe due to the particular package as it includes boxsets which are predominantly in HD.

Just clutching at straws trying to find a common reason, due to the no subscription error it throws up

Well, it will work fine with Eir MBB always no matter the package. For sure something changed on sky side that they drop 3 connections. The even weirder thing is that sometimes a program will download but then subsequent ones will fail or half the program will download. But its definately sky dropping the 3 connection.

Of course Sky are covering themselves because they state they don't support sky q with a 4G router, which is nonsense because it always worked and it works with Eir 4G  

@peterw12 if it didn't work as they claim then surely skygo app would be the same as that is linked to your account and box, but that's not the case. I can download on demand and boxsets fine to my pc and phone on the same home connection, but cant download to the box itself. Streams perfect as well. So frustrating

Probably the connection via the sky box takes a different route than the app on the PC. Same here, Netflix etc all works fine on the sky box, but really netflix is just an app that opens there so same as the PC.

Very frustrating allright