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3Broadband and Sky-on-Demand board

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3Broadband and Sky-on-Demand board

Hi all and thanks for bringing this to the attention of 3Community.  Please continue to post comments here, as we are closely monitoring this board and taking note of all the examples you are providing us 



Thanks to you, our tech team has customers' examples to investigate the root cause. Right now, I have no update other than this investigation is in progress and our tech team is reaching out to Sky.


I've moved the original thread here, to keep all the information together.


Again, thank you for providing examples and for your patience.


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Latest Update: 13/04/2021


Hi all, our tech team are focusing on a workaround for 3Broadband customers who are also Sky customers. We are testing a few options and I will let you know here. 


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Latest Update: 20/04/2021

Thanks again for your patience. The relevant teams are continuing to work towards a workaround for changes made with Sky-on-Demand services. As always, I'll keep 3Community in the loop.



Latest Update: 29/04/2021

A fix was rolled out by Sky last night and our members are reporting a return to their services. Thanks again to all Community members for reporting this to us  🤗




@peterw12 @Jack @Eamon Hi folks, just popping in to say thanks so much for sending in your details. I've passed them onto the relevant team and we'll be sure to let you know once we have news 👍


I too have this exact issue for some time now also. I'm with Three LTE/4G via a mikrotik LHG receiver into a netgear nighthawk X6 R8000 router - tried wifi and wired into the sky q box. Sky engineer called out. Said its my broadband thats causing it. Sky subscription is fine. Broadband speed is fine. Sky swapped out skyQ box to brand new box - same issue. I shared out my mobile data (gomo) as a wifi hotspot and downloads were successful. So whats the deal with Three that could be causing this? This seems to be affecting a large proportion of three ireland customers with sky on demand content. Anyone from three here taking notice?

I'd say its something on either the sky or 3's traffic routing.
Proabably have to raise a ticket on 3 and also one with sky

i have already ready raised it with 3 and was supposed to get 2 call backs from sky, but got neither, one sky adviser did say they were aware of the issue, but never called back 48hrs later as promised. Skys customer service is completely useless, you just go around in circles, they know its an issue but just pass it onto 3 even when you explain its been working fine for over 2 years, its not there problem.

I am having the same issue, sky catch-up is not downloading with three broadband, I contacted sky and they told me that three have made changes to their proxy server and it no longer supports sky on demand service. When will this issue be resolved?
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@Mfg Hello there, we're investigating this with the relevant teams. The more examples we have the better. Thanks to those of you who have sent there details to us in PM.


@Mfg and @BCrow can you send me your details too? name, number, address and date of birth 👍


Michael Gxxxxxx


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@Mfg can you send me your details via PM please? Anything posted here is visible to the public and because of that I've edited your previous post 👍


@Three Laur same issue for me. Have contacted Sky Three numerous times now. Is there any update or suggestions at this stage.

 Possibly using a uk VPN may work