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Check 5G Broadband Coverage


Check 5G Broadband Coverage

Can I PM my details to support team to check if I can get 5G Mobile Broadband with router at my address, or when I can get it

On the map coverage it says I'm covered

@SPWR90 If you do that then the account will be in your brother's name, you can both complete a Change of Ownership form when you're taking it over and have the account moved into your name at that point 👍


No looking to take it out in my name , don't mind paying the bill he just wants to borrow it near Dublin quay ,
But get it delivered to my address
Then return it to me when 5G goes live in my area...

@SPWR90 Ah I see what you mean. When setting up a Billpay account it must be in your current address as you'll be asked to provide proof of this. Setting up an account in your name and your brother's address isn't possible and as 5G isn't available at your address at the moment it's not possible to order it for there just yet.



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