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Issue with 5G


Issue with 5G

Hi there,


I am looking for some help. I have bought a new 5G router and I am getting a full 5G signal on the router but I am not getting 5G speeds.


I have added the 5 euro top up to my account and bought the 5G service but nothing. I have checked the eircode checker for 5g and it says I am in coverage.


Any help would be appreciated. 




thanks for that - guess I'll hold off!

It's really a shame, I always have a great word to say about three but
their 5g rollout look to be complete bluster and marketing promises. I am
hoping that I will be proven completly wrong and will have egg on my face

Thanks @Padair , you just saved me time and money. I was going to do the exact same thing. 4g has become unusable which coincides nicely with the release of 5g. As three have no available routers I found that the only available router is the one you have purchased.

I too have had great service from three in the past but I think they have rushed the release of 5g and don't even have the devices to back it up 🙁 I also feel that they have throttled the 4g service to encourage the purchase of 5g and now we have poor 4g and no 5g.

Yeah, I have turned off 4g and am using 3g to get a more constant speed.
10meg 😞

One of these might help (if you don't have one already)


How do they work. Is it something you put on the roof and point towards the
nearest mast?

The thing is my internet is always perfect during the day, like clockwork
at 5 I go from full 4g + bars down to to maybe b1 or two bars.

Hello guys, Three offers 5G antenna as you can see in the image here:
It cost 200eur but your connection will be more stable. Also, the coverage will be better.
Unfortunately, 5G cant penetrate the walls much. I think if you far away from the mast and the signal is worse than -100dBm, it's better to get 5G antenna.