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Your Bill Explained

Your Printed Bill Explained


Page 1:


A summary of your bill.





This page contains the following sections: 


Section Explanation
Barcode  The barcode will be displayed on the top of the first page of your bill and will support the mail returns process.
Since your last bill Shows all payments received since your last bill.  Balance Brought forward tells you the amount carried foward from your last bill. 
This month's bill

Your monthly charges will appear here along with any additional charges, discounts or credits.


Usage charges where relevant will appear. Usage charges are divided up into the following groups: 

  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Data and Entertainment Services 
  • Roaming
  • Premium Services

For additional information on the above usage groups click here.


Things to note:


  • Usage groups will only appear if you have usage in that group for that particular month. For example if you weren't roaming in a month, the Roaming usage group would then not appear on your bill. 
  • The Usage charges section will not appear on the bill if you don't have usage for that particular month.  

Total charges before and after Vat are displayed.


The total bill amount and due date are displayed here also. 

Messages  Screenshot to be added here
Bank Giro Fill in later as it may or may not be needed



Page 2:


On this page you will find a detailed explanation of the sections of the bill along with useful information about Ways to pay etc.







Page 3:


Shows your account activity for the last month:




Section Explanation
Since your last bill

Shows the account activity for your account. 


This section will only appear on your bill if there is at least one charge / adjustment to your previous balance ( i.e. a charge or adjustment that impacted the balance immediately).




  • this section of the bill will only appear if there are charges, discounts or credits that were applied during the billing period on your account OR
  • if you have multiple phones numbers on the one account
Account level breakdown

This section will appear if you have multiple phone numbers on your account. 


The Account Level breakdown is divided into the following sub-sections:


Monthly Price Plan Charges

- shows the cost of your price plan


Once Off Charges

- charges that do not occur every month.



- Shows any services configured on your account


Discounts and credits

- Shows an overview of any discounts  or credits applied to your account. The discount or credit amount is deducted from the Total Bill Amount. 


User Summary


Note: this section is only displayed where you have multiple subscribers (i.e. phone numbers on the account). This information will be presented even if monthly charges, discounts, other charges do not  apply:



Total before VAT

Shows the total charges on your account before VAT.


Inclusive allowances Shows inclusive allowances for the billing period. Includes group level Inclusive Unit details. 


Pages 4 


Page 4 will show details of the first account holder.




Page 5:


Here you will see details of the second account holder (if applicable):





Section Explanation


 In this section, you will see:


Monthly Price Plan Charges

- displays recurring charges for this particular subscriber i.e. phone number


Monthly Add On Charges

- displayed monthly add on charges for this particular subscriber i.e. phone number



- Shows any services configured on this particular subscriber i.e. phone number


Once-off charges

- Shows once-off charges for this particular subscriber i.e. phone number


Discounts and credits

- Shows discounts and credits for this particular subscriber i.e. phone number


Out of allowance summary

- Only usage billed outside of the allowance that comes as part of the plan will be presented here. 


Total before VAT

Shows the total charges on your subscriber i.e. phone number before VAT.

Subscriber level Messages

The messages are static and will only appear if you have requested to see these messages e.g.


Hello. As this is your first bill, you'll see two charges. The first charge covers you from the date  you joined 3 to the end of the first month. The second charge is for your first full month. Your next bill (and following bills) will just show your normal monthly charge. 


If you wish to switch on or switch off these messages please chat with a Three Advisor by clicking here.


Inclusive Allowances

Shows inclusive allowances details for this number. 



Page 6:


Shows details of your charges and events. Note: these page will only appear on your bill if you have requested to receive details on charges and events.  


Depending on the number of charges and events that are included in your bill, they may be displayed over multiple pages:





This page shows event details for events such as:

  • National Calls to Three mobiles
  • Mobile calls to international destinations.
  • Sending Texts to Three mobiles (national and international)
  • Sending of picture messages


Usage Groups


Calls shows charges for the following types of calls:


  • Mobile to Three Mobile - Any calls made to other Three Mobiles.
  • Mobile to other networks - Any calls made to other Irish mobiles. 
  • Mobile to Landline - Any calls made to Irish landlines. 
  • Mobile to International - Any calls made to International landlines. 
  • Mobile to International mobile - Any calls made to International Mobiles.
  • Mobile to Voicemail - Any calls made to your Voicemails. 
  • Mobile calls to other numbers - Any calls made to 1850 or 1890 numbers.



Messages shows charges for the following types of messages:


  • Texts to Three Mobile - Any texts sent to other Three Mobiles.
  • Texts to other networks- Any texts sent to other Irish mobiles. 
  • Texts to International- Any texts sent to International numbers. 
  • Picture Messages- Any picture messages sent to Irish mobiles. 
  • MMS to International- Any picture messages sent to International numbers.

Premium Services shows charges for:


  • Texts to premium numbers - Any texts sent to or received from Premium Numbers.
  • Mobile to directory enquiries - Any calls made to Directory Enquiries, i.e., 11811.

Data and Entertainment Services shows charges for


  • Data Usage - Any Internet use on your phone. If data is included in your plan, charges shown here are for usage outside of your inclusive allowance.
  • Mobile internet content fees - Charges for using 'Charge to Mobile' services.

If you have been charged for data usage and you don't have a data add on we'd recommend contacting us to purchase one.


If you don't want to use data contact us to remove the data service from your account so you aren't charged again.


These charges have no VAT applied and are now split out separately on the your bill.


Three is merely acting as a collection agent for the supplier and is not making any supply to you in respect of the charges.


Roaming shows charges for:


  • Calls received while roaming - Any calls to your mobile while roaming.
  • Calls made while roaming - Any calls made from your mobile while roaming. 
  • Texts sent while roaming - Any texts sent from your mobile while roaming. 
  • Data usage while roaming - Any Internet use on your phone while roaming.  

Find out more about Data Roaming Charges.