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Estimating Data Usage

Estimating Data Usage


You use data every time you access the internet (when not on a Wi-Fi connection). This includes checking email, browsing Facebook and Instagram, streaming music and watching YouTube.


Our plans come with an inclusive data allowance that is measured in GB. 1 GB is equal to 1024 MB.


Estimating your Usage

The amount of data you might use depends on your online activity. If you are a light internet user, you may use 1-3 GB of data per month (approx. 30 hours of web browsing). 


If you are a frequent internet user, you may use 10-15 GB of data per month. This would generally include streaming video, playing games online and browsing regularly. 


Please note that the above figures are approximate and you should keep track of your own usage to make sure you don't exceed your allowance.


Tracking your Usage

You can track your usage easily on your My3 account. Click here for information on tracking your usage. You can also view past bills on My3, which include a breakdown of how much data you use each month. This will give you a clear picture of how much data you use on average.