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Mobile Internet Costs And Add Ons

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Mobile Internet Costs and Add Ons


Prepay Customers


If you don't have a data add on and have used up your data allowance, you will be charged at €1.01 per MB.


Click here for a guide to estimating your data usage.

Data add ons or bundles allow you to purchase a specified amount of data. Any data usage then comes from this bundle.

  • Text 5NET to 50272 to buy a 500MB bundle for €4.99.
  • Text 10NET to 50272 to buy a 1GB bundle for €9.99.

These bundles last for 28 days. A new bundle will automatically apply after 28 days.


Bill Pay Customers


Depending on your plan, Bill Pay customers can either purchase an add on or increase your inclusive data.


If you'd like to add or increase data on your plan, please contact us.

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