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How to Reset My3 Password

How to Reset My3 password


If you've been locked out of your My3 account, you will need to reset your password. 


To reset your password, go to the My3 login page and click the 'Forgot password' link and follow the below steps:

  • Enter your mobile number or email address in the box provided and click Next.
  • A page will open with letters visible. Type the letters (separated by a space) into the field provided and click continue.
  • A code will be sent to your phone or email address.
  • Enter this code in the space highlighted on You will then be able to change your password and log in to your account as normal.
  • Please note that your new password cannot be the same as your previous password. It also must be between 6 and 10 characters and must contain letters and numbers, e.g., abc123.


Broadband Customers

If you are a Broadband customer, you can also follow the steps above. If your username is your Broadband number, you can get the code in the Connection Manager or by putting your SIM into a Three phone.


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