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Tip of the Week; New Year Resolutions

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Here we are, 2020 is coming to a close and what a year it has been! New Year’s Eve still carries the tradition of NY Resolutions. Remember you’re not alone if you’ve slipped a little or a lot on your 2020 resolutions 😊 So here are some tips to help you get on track for 2021.


1: Select a few, very few.

Chances are you’ve thought about or have chosen some of the most popular New Year Resolutions at some point in your life which include healthier lifestyle ( fitness, mindfulness, better diet),  improved finances ( saving, budgeting, promotion, new job) or  kicking a bad habit ( so many to mention).  How about making a list of what is important to you, then be realistic about which ones are achievable? If you hate exercising, there’s no point in joining a gym now or taking up running. The list just got smaller, eh? 


2: Set a goal not a resolution

Think of your small list as a set of goals to achieve by a certain point of time in the future. Now think of the HOW you are going to get there.  This will help you stay focus and reach your target whatever that maybe. 

  • Be Specific about your goal/resolution–every goal has a journey of how, who and what. Consider these mini-goals on your way ultimate one
  • Decide how you know and see that you’re making progress. Use a tracker of some kind for a visual, whether it’s saving money or how many steps you’ve walked/ ran in a day.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew, know your limits and schedule. Can you do it, yes you can.
  • Remember to be honest with yourself can you realistically save €2000 a month or €200 or €20? Something to think about.
  • Set a deadline for each goal/resolution. They don’t all need to happen in January. Set end dates for mini goals too and what you aim to achieve by then. You’ll feel great when you’ve ticked that off the list and move closer to your destination


3: Utilise your smartphone

At this stage we’re all phone/data experts in our own right, so don’t forget there is a mountain of apps out there that you can use to keep your New Year Goals. Let’s not ignore built in phone features and your Google account.  

  • Mindfulness: 2020 has been extraordinary and there has been no other like it. Here at Three we know that taking care of your mental well-being is extremely important. Remember to use your phone to stay in touch with others. Make that phone call , send that text, shur, get that WhatsApp or Zoom video call going. One of my New Year resolutions for 2019/2020 was to use Social Media, SMS and IM less and instead make more calls. Guess what, I’ve spent more time talking on my phone this year than I had in previous years. There are also apps for meditation and sleep, has anyone recommendations? Whatever floats you’re boat, remember to take care of yourself and should you feel like you need to reach out to someone, our charity partner, AWARE, 👉 click here is available to provide support to you or a loved one who's feeling down at the moment.
  • Organise: List your goals and set dates in your calendar, google note or even the notes on your phone. I’m loving Family Wall and have created a circle just for me , with a list of my New Year Goals and assigned a date for each one. Don’t forget Google Calendar has some amazing features, where you can add in goals, reminders, tasks and events
  • Fitness: there are literally hundreds of apps for this. Why don’t we start small with some steps and see if there is a pedometer on your phone already? I have a Samsung note and use Samsung Health, just for step counting but it has so much more. Our online accessories range fitness watches that you can sync with your phone.
  • Healthy food choices: Again, there are so many apps to help you on this journey, there is even an app to encourage and remind you to drink water. Remember it’s all about picking healthy options, you don’t have to cut out everything. Have one spoon of sugar not two 😊
  • Learn something new: Throw in 15 minutes into your phone calendar, this time is just for yourself. Perhaps use this time to listen to a podcast about a random topic or download a language app. I’ve set this time aside for reading books on Play Books.
  • Budget and save money:  I just love online banking and my Revolut card. Because of my smart phone I literally see where the money is going. One of the best pieces of advice going around is, put a small amount aside and forget about it. It will grow. There are, of course, so many spending trackers out there. Let us know if you have tried one or two.


Any iPhone users here? If so, do you have any tips about staying on track with your new year resolutions/goals by using features on your phone? Let us know in the comments below.


Hope you all have had an enjoyable Christmas and we wish you all the best in 2021 🎉🎉