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€2 Daily Pass for Legacy Plans

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€2 Daily Pass for Legacy Plans

Hello 3Community,


We have some customers who are on legacy plans that do not include All You Can Eat Data. When data usage is detected the €2 Daily Pass is activated. This €2 is for usage of up to 200MB per day and usage over 200MB is charged at €1.01 per MB. 


Here on 3Community our members have switched off mobile data and followed the checklist below;

1: All mobile data off

2: Wifi Assist and iCloud and Google sync/similar is off

4: Push notifications are switched off

5: GPS location switched off

6: No MMS sent or received

7: No long SMS ( wrapped to MMS send/receive)

8: Automatic updates switched off

9: Turn off background app refresh

10: No external devices linked to your phone ( MiBand, FitBit, Smartwatch)

11: No subscription text that contains bitly links

If you have received notification of this charge, let us know the time, date, and amount of data used, along with the type of phone you are using. Please comment below.




Three_Shauna would you he able to pm me please, I've tried to pm you but it says access denied. I'm sick off €2 randomly been taking, as far as I know I've everything turned off, unless if there's something I'm missing, but its really frustrating. I've a huawei y6 , I've tried following the instructions for turning off WiFi+ on huaweii , my settings are somewhat different than the ones set out on the 3 blog , but everything there has already been turned off. I'm sure I must be missing something. If you could help me it would he great as it would save me the hassle of changing providers. Thanks. 

@Shaela Hello and welcome to 3Community. As a new member you'll can PM after you've created your first post. Can you try sending me one now? Instructions are on the board in my reply to @KMul

Once I have your details in a PM 👉 full name, number, address and date of birth, I'll be able to check your account and profile there. I'm here to help and will do my best to save you any hassle 💪


Thanks so much @Three_Deborah , just sent you a pm there. 


Hi Deborah

Just noticed I have been charged this phantom €2 for data for the last 5 months. I never use data on this number and anytime the phone is on it is connected to broadband. I never requested this data and i never used it. 

Using a Motorala phone.



@AleoN Hello there and I hope you're keeping well. Will you have a quick look at your Motorola settings? Have you viewed the "checklist" at the beginning of this thread? When all that's done, pop me a PM confirming the checklist along with your account details 👉 name, number, address, and date of birth. 

If you don't pick this up until tomorrow, don't worry, I'll see your PM first thing after the weekend 👍 


Can I send somebody a PM please? 

@Lyons90 Sure, click on the link in my signature to send me a PM, I'll be happy to help 👌



I've been dealing with this for the better part of 3 years. Every now and then, I receive a text from Three with the message above and €2 is deducted from my balance. 


I hardly ever use data, and it's almost always off when I receive these messages. I primarily just stick to wifi. On top of that, I have the data limit set at 0 GB is a precaution, but it doesn't seem to help.


The reason I want to do something about it now is because I was charged twice in one day. I think this is the first time that's happened.


I've seen the thread at the top of the board and I'm not sure that applies to me because my data is always at 0 when I check it after the €2 is deducted.

3 Community Admin

@BBR When unsure, you're right to start a new topic 👍 Your case does apply, what you see as 0KB might in fact be .00001222 KB. And that's why I've moved your post.

We're here to help you the best way we can. Have you gone through the checklist I provided at the start of this board? 


I've gone through everything now.