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€2 Daily Pass for Legacy Plans

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€2 Daily Pass for Legacy Plans

Hello 3Community,


We have some customers who are on legacy plans that do not include All You Can Eat Data. When data usage is detected the €2 Daily Pass is activated. This €2 is for usage of up to 200MB per day and usage over 200MB is charged at €1.01 per MB. 


Here on 3Community our members have switched off mobile data and followed the checklist below;

1: All mobile data off

2: Wifi Assist and iCloud and Google sync/similar is off

4: Push notifications are switched off

5: GPS location switched off

6: No MMS sent or received

7: No long SMS ( wrapped to MMS send/receive)

8: Automatic updates switched off

9: Turn off background app refresh

10: No external devices linked to your phone ( MiBand, FitBit, Smartwatch)

11: No subscription text that contains bitly links

If you have received notification of this charge, let us know the time, date, and amount of data used, along with the type of phone you are using. Please comment below.





I am really annoyed about this. I have already asked for help on this issue. I have been charged for mobile data ie €2 Day Pass on numerous dates since last October. On each date there was no mobile data turned on nor where there any background apps etc running in the background as I have these turned off, on some occasions I was asleep when I received these texts to say that I was been charged €2 Day Pass for Data which I have not used.  I use my broadband since I am currently at home. I am on Be Free Internet, and this seems to be a problem with previous O2 customers who were switched over to Three. My account shows 0 kylebytes on these occasions. At this stage I am not going to top up my phone until this is resolved, ie a full refund of the credit which has been taken from my account. The suggestion that Three turn off/block mobile data is not really an answer to this problem. Please see below charges which are marked



I would hope someone from Three can help me with the above. Thanks


3 Community Admin

Thanks for doing that. Were all of them switched off or on?  Pop me a PM 👍

I've tried, but it's saying I have insufficient privileges to do so.

3 Community Admin

@BBR Try again, you're good to go 👍

@Qconnect I've moved your post over to this thread as you can see other members posting about the same thing. You say you've already asked for help with this, was this on the Community? I can't seem to see another post from you. Not to worry, we're here now 😁 Tell me, have you had a look through the checklist at the top of this thread? Pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth so I can access your account 👍


Thanks Laur pm sent




I have received this message on 37 separate occasions since August 27. I have tried following the list described above but the message seems to arrive randomly. I would appreciate this option being turned off please.


Kind thanks


John Green

@JohnGreen hi there, I'm able to apply a data block to your account. Pop me a PM with your details, full name ( if it's not John Green), number, address and date of birth. With these I'll be able to access your account.




Hello! This question has probably been asked many times.
Again 2 euros were withdrawn. Yesterday  took 2 euros, today again took 2 euros. What kind of sh ... is it a 2 euro pass day?
Data is off. I connect my phone to the Internet only by wifi at home. Make top up10 euro, only for necessary calls. Now when I have to call, there is no money. 0.05 cents left.
How to finally solve this issue so that stop taking this money !!!
How to disable this 2 euro pass day!
How to stop taking these 2 euros !!!


Hi its still happening