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Balance not rolling over. €20 being removed every month.


Balance not rolling over. €20 being removed every month.

Hi all

Can anyone tell me why / when Three started to remove €20 from PrePay plans every month?

It used to be a case that you would top up by €20 Euro and this would roll over. But now €20 is being deducted from my balance every month.

This was despite not altering a plan/account at all.


3 Community Manager

@eladnova Hi there, our new suite of plans deduct the top-up straight away to activate the new allowances. the €20 plan is called 3 Prepay 20. Can you check your My3 and see if you are on this plan? 


If your plan is 3Pay, which is now a legacy plan and no longer available to new customers or when you change plan, then your €20 top-up carries over but there are t/c's for when your credit expires. Also, credit can be depleted quickly if your plan expires, as data is €1.01 per MB.


Let me know.



I am also having this issue where my balance would be €20 after topping up and now it is removed every month. I checked My3 and it says I am on Prepay 20 but before the credit would not be removed. Can this be restored to the plan I was on as an existing customer?



Did you get legacy plan back in the end?
3 Community Manager

@GalwayGal Hi there 👋 Did you change to 3 Prepay 20 recently? This great plan gives you All You Can Eat Data, unlimited text messages and Three to Three calls along with 60 minutes of any network calls and 11Gb of data to use in the EU. Your €20 is deducted for this plan. Our legacy plan, 3Pay, is no longer available.