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Blank prepay 3 Sim card anyone?


Blank prepay 3 Sim card anyone?

Hey everyone need your help..

Ordered a 3 pre ay sim over the weekend.

Sunday my landlord told me to leave the house as he wanted it for his daughter (dont ask)

My sim is being posted there and i need it as i have dperession and its my only contact as i live alone.

I dont want to buy another one, three chat isnt working to change the address before its delivered, customer care said 60min wai to talkt.

Anyone got a blank sim so i can just get the number on that?

3 Community Admin

@Kerrydude That's not a nice situation to be in. I know you might have looked into this but is there any way you can collect your new Prepay number from the house or ask your landlord to forward it to you? 


Before you can move a number over onto a blank SIM, we need to ask security questions and those come from having the new number with you.