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Cannot add data


Cannot add data

Over the past number of months I’ve been having issues with my data add on. I have been on a 1GB recurring data add-on at €9.99 per month and if this runs out I usually purchase a once off 500MB add-on. I’ve been having issues adding this manually and have always had to contact customer services or I would be charged a €2 day pse each day. Anyway my data add-on did not recur last week as usual and I was being charged €2 per day every day since then (pure robbery!) so I contacted live chat only to be told they cannot explain why my add-on didn’t recur. No record of it. So I ask for them to apply it manually. Was told by Nazir, Pratsika and numerous others that they cannot due to a technical fault. I was told to text add data only to get this message back “ From Three. We are unable to process your request. Check for more details.” anyway contacted again and was told it would be looked into as priority. Given SRS-2978013 as a ref number but as of yet I’ve heard nothing. Meanwhile if I turn on my mobile data I will be charged €2 per day until this issue is resolved. Completely unacceptable. Can someone please update me and let me know when issue can be resolved?
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Re: Cannot add data

@Margaret86 Hello there, thanks for the details here, I'm sure this will help other members. I'd like to check the progress of the investigation. To do this I'll need your full name, address and date of birth, plus your number. Can you send these to me via PM?