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Credit is disappearing


Credit is disappearing

Hi there,

My credit is appearing and disappearing. One day I have credit and the next day I have 0.00 and cannot call/text. This is happening especially around the end of my 28day plan. Also I was charged for daypass data 2Eur although I was on wifi! 

Tried to get help on chat several times but no help there, always said I have to wait for the system to update.


I cannot use my phone for several hours/day although I have credit! This is unexceptable! 



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Re: Credit is disappearing

@jmusilova88 Hi Jana 👋 The €2 charge automatically activates when there is a data connection on your SIM when you have no promotion active. Do you have WiFi assist on? This may cause your phone to connect to mobile data even when your mobile data is switched off. I'd like to take a look at your account to find out what exactly is happening. Could you click on my name and send me a PM with your details?