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'Expired Credit' taken from my phone


'Expired Credit' taken from my phone

I got a message on the 5th May at 9.28 saying the following -


"Your balance of 9.53 euro will expire on May 7, 2020 12:00:00 AM. Check your balance and options at"


After I received this message I rang Three to check my credit. I was told my credit was 19.53.


As per the message, 9.53 was taken. 


Could you let me know why my credit was taken please?


I'm not on any plan or contract, I just top-up when needed, my credit shouldn't expire.


I looked at your legal terms, the only mention of a 6 month period applying to credit applies to ACTIVATING credit bought. 


I'd really appreciate an actual response, as the customer care bots are useless and actually a bit of an insult after having money taken from you.


Look forward to hearing from you,


3 Community Manager

@MalJ Hi there, have you been in contact with our other platforms to check this out for you? Was the €9.53 credit leftover from a top-up or was it bonus credit?