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Google Pixel 5 not added as a 5g device?


Google Pixel 5 not added as a 5g device?

Hi all,

I've been moved to a 5g plan from my old one with three the other day as I bought a SIM free Google pixel 5 and am not receiving any 5g signal

Is this phone not added to your device list as of yet for 5g? All the settings seem to be correct 5g chosen as my network on the device etc but it still stays in LTE

Can this be looked at if possible? And if this device is not currently added will it be ?

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@Swartzy That's given me a good giggle 🙃 🤓 Imagine! But I doubt it. We need to have 5G completely rolled out for a few years first 😎

@RunDMC and @Swartzy @JamesQ_  we're keeping an eye on the progress of this by contacting our devices team on a regular basis.  Remember that this is a collaboration between the Google device team and our own, so it might take time. We can't make promises for when 5G will be available. But, both @Three_Laur and I have this noted to come back here in the middle of March with an update either way 👌 And that's a promise 💪



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3 Community Manager

@Swartzy Hello there 👋 I can answer this for you. At the moment our Devices team is working with Google to enable their 5G handsets over the coming months. I don't have an exact timeframe, feel free to pop us a message at any time to check for updates 👍





Good afternoon,


Is there a timeframe now? Will we see 5g enabled for Pixel 5 this month?

@dj_jorjinho Hi there and welcome 😀 I don't have an exact timeframe on this at the moment, I'm assured it's coming soon, although maybe not by the end of the year.




Any update on this? I spent 60 minutes chatting with Support this afternoon trying to get this working without success. The first question she asked was "is it a 5G enabled device?" to which I replied, "Yes, a Google Pixel 5". Can you check the current status?

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@RunDMC Good morning 👋 As far as I know, this is being worked on at the minute. Let me check with the Devices team for further info, I'll be back to you ASAP 👍


@RunDMC I'm back as promised, the Devices team are continuing to work with Google and while there isn't an exact timeframe yet it's likely to be soon 👌


Thanks for the response, Laura. Rather than pestering you guys, what's the best way to find our what phones have been certified?



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@RunDMC We're always happy to help so feel free to check in with us and we'll let you know if there's any news 👍


Hi there, any update on the Pixel 5 (and other devices) being added for 5G on the Three network? There seems to be a great deal of confusion among customers who have purchased 5G devices not provided by Three themselves. There's nothing on the Three website to say that 5G is not available on other 5G devices.