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I was robbed by a bug in your system


I was robbed by a bug in your system

Hi, I had €20 of spare credit on the 11th April and had scheduled plans to do a in app purchase, that was on Sale, with that spare credit on the 12th April. Your system(My3 website) indicated that the spare credit expires on the 12th. Now any logical person in the IT and programming line of work would mean that the time for expiry is at 23.59pm on the 12th April. I spoke to one of your online agents and they informed me that the expiry date is triggered at 23:59 on the 11th so basically on the day before. I have a copy of that chat if required. This is very misleading and is a bug and needs to be fixed on the My3 webpage/platform. See sample images attached.


Screenshot from 2021-04-13 14-32-53.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-13 14-32-36.png

3 Community Manager

@F3rgz0d3 your feedback here is welcomed. Of course, I'll send this on to the relevant teams. Looking at the screenshot, this is related to credit expiry date rather than plan expiry, right? 


I know the dates above show July, but for those viewing this topic, that's because the 12th of April has passed and won't show. 



Hi @Three_Deborah , yes correct, it relates to the credit expiry date. It would nice to be reimbursed or rewarded in some way after finding this issue. 

@F3rgz0d3, thanks for confirming that and I'll send your comments on to the My3 team. Your credit expired at midnight on the 11th which is the beginning of the 12th so in effect My3 is/was correct. 


But its misleading, not the honest or fair and I would 100% say, not the industry standard for expiry notices, I'd hope you agree. I'm only trying to make life easier for ye folks. If ye plan to leave it, put a note beside or an *  astrix next to the expiry date leading to word  ed T&C's This is common sense stuff.