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My3 error 403


My3 error 403

When I check my Credit Balance I get an error 403, please correct

3 Community Manager

@ericbos111 Hi there 👋 Hope you had a nice weekend. Tell me, are you getting that error on the App or Web version of My3? Do you get this error when viewing anything else? 



Hi Deborah, I was using the web and I have been getting this error since the update of the My3 site intermittently. Not on any other site, and mostly from my iPhone with Safari, occasionally from my MacBook with Chrome.
Best regards, Eric

@ericbos111 Thanks for that Eric. Let's look into this 👌 Please send me a PM with your full name, number, address and date of birth. I need this to access your account with us. I'll also need your username for My3. We'll keep an eye out for you in PM 😊