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Prepay Data Roaming Cap

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Prepay Data Roaming Cap


The spend cap on data roaming offers you control over data roaming charges by capping your data spend on your Three mobile service. 


You can decide if you want to spend more than the value of the spend cap which is set at €50 per calendar month (excl. VAT).


To apply €50 data roaming cap Text "GETCAP" to 50232
To apply custom data roaming cap Text "GETCAP <AMOUNT>" to 50232
To remove data roaming cap Text "REMCAP" to 50232
To permanently remove cap Text "PERMCAP" to 50232


How does the spend cap work?


When you use data on your phone, smartphone or mobile broadband (browsing the Internet, email, using mobile Apps) we will keep a count of your spend and when we see that you are close to 80% of the spend cap we will send you an SMS notification to let you know. 


When you then reach the €50 spend cap you will receive further notification that data access will now stop. Note: €50 is the default cap value, however you can change the cap to a different value if you so wish. 


This notification includes details on how to continue using your data services. 


When is the cap reset?


If you decide not to extend past the spend cap then data is restricted until it resets at the start of the next calendar month. 


What if I want to continue using data?


A link will appear online and you can indicate that you want to continue using data. 


You will also need to restart your device at this time. If you decide you want the continued provision of data services you will be charged at the default roaming data rate. Click here for more details.


Please note that you will not receive any further spend caps or notifications until it resets at the start of the next calendar month. 


You should monitor your usage in My3 to avoid incurring unexpected or inadvertent data roaming charges.


Is the spend cap only available in the EU?


The data roaming spend caps apply globally so data usage inside and outside the EU will have the facility.


How much is the data spend cap?


There is no cost for the spend cap facility and it is automatically applied to your service. 


Will the cap take account of my voice and text spend?


No, the cap only applies to data roaming spend.  You can check your other spend at any time through your online account.


Is the spend cap available on Bill Pay?


Yes the spend cap is available to Prepay and Bill Pay customers. For Bill Pay Roaming Cap information click here.