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Top up went through twice


Top up went through twice

Hi everyone 


topped up on AIB app yesterday morning and my data did not come back on

so yesterday evening, I registered and topped up again on line and data came back on
this morning I checked my account and both top ups show as having gone through on my three account

but I don’t seem to have got any extra credit for calls or data

can I reverse one credit 

I am trying to keep it topped up once a month to get the free data 

I am on the 20 one I think but only paying 10 at the moment 

thanks for anyone who can help or is there a way to talk to three 

3 Community Manager

@TheFarmer Hi there 👋 I need to access your account to take a look at this. Can you send me a PM with your full name, number, address, and date of birth? Thanks.