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Will a 2g only phone work on 3 network?


Will a 2g only phone work on 3 network?

need to get as basic a phone as possible for an elderly relative. Just checking to see if 3 support 2g only devices (assume they did once O2 merger/buyout). 



3 Community Manager

@Weepsie Hi there, we do have basic phones 💪 but we've moved away from 2G devices. The minimum we range is 3G. Have a look at this phone Doro 6620 . It just might suit your relative. 

Oh and I've replied to your other post too 😎 


Unfortunately it won't. The phone we have in mind is widely available as a sim free (it is a Doro phone) however it is 2g only. It is even more basic than the one linked.

I doubt Three is turning off 2G anytime soon, so as long as it has 2G bands 900/1800 it should work.